topSpa, Steam Bath & Pool

Just across the road from the restaurant you will find our lakefront gardens, complete with a solar heated pool, solar heated jacuzzi, wood heated steam bath, and mooring dock with canoes.

When not in the water you'll be able to choose to lounge on our sun deck, underneath a shady palapa, or even on the grass under fruit trees, all while enjoying selections from our lakefront full bar and menu service.

topHot tub

Relax and enjoy the lake and volcano view from the hot tub – solar heated with a gas heater back up.


The Posada's position on the South side of Santiago offers an ideal starting point for exploring Atitlan's waters from within the haven of the southern volcano bay. Those interested in exploring the lake can launch canoes from the Posada lakefront, or arrange water skiing with a local speed boat captain. Life-vests, oars, cell phones and sunscreen are available.

Although just circling the bay can be an incredible experience, there are are a few recommended highlights:

  • Chutinamet, ruins of the pre-colonial Tzutijil capital
  • Southwest shore, birdwatching along the waters
  • Diving cliffs, secluded swimming
  • Horse-ranch, Jim & Nancy's horse ranch

Although swells are never severe, it can grow quite windy: ask your friendly help-staff what weather can be expected for that day, and plan your route accordingly.

topExplore Nature

The raw and majestic vibrancy of Guatemala's great outdoors make it a natural travel destination for naturalists of all backgrounds. Diverse geography allow for incredible Vistas from 12,000 foot volcanoes just a few short hours from watershed jungles and tropical coastal plains.

Atitlan's three volcanoes, hundred mile lakefront, and myriad micro-habitats make a delightful destination for hikers and naturalists alike. Volcano guides can be arranged to help climb Atitlan, Toliman, or San Pedro. Canoes or speed boats can be provided to ferry our guests anywhere along the shoreline of Atitlan. Fishing expeditions are launched from our dock. The Santiago Respendent Quetzal reserve and the butterfly reserve just 15 minutes across the lake are very popular destinations. Longer expeditions can be arranged on horseback along the southern ridges of the lake.

Incredible biodiversity, retained up until now only because of the tragedies of the 30 year civil war, are now under renewed attack by logging, slash-and-burn agriculture, and mining operations across Guatemala. We encourage our guests to use their time sharing in the majesty of the Guatemalan natural spaces to reflect on how they might help guard such spaces for future generations.

topCultural Tour

Those visitors with an interest in gaining a real exposure to the Tjutujil culture are fortunate to have Dolores Ratzan available as a cultural guide. Fluent in English, Spanish, and Tzutujil, Dolores is a respected and knoledgable member of the Santiago community.

Book ahead to reserve a walking tour of Santiago, with an emphasis on contemporary adaptations of ancient traditions, and rare access to the underlying themes of Maximon worship.

Dolores Ratzan

topChuitinamit Archaeological Hiking Tour

Come hike into the Archaeology of the Atitlan Region! Explore Chuitinamit, the ruined capitol of the Tzutujil Maya. This fortress was the seat of religious and civic power in the Atitlan Region for more than twenty generations.

This hike takes between two or three hours, leaving early in the morning from the boat dock.

You will cross the bay and hike for about 20 minutes until the summit of the hill. While exploring the monumental architecture of Chuitinamit, explanations will be given as to how this political center was set up, the current archaeological theories, observations about the cycles and world-view of the maya, ethnology, and cosmology.

Various spots along the route have spectacular views of the town of Santiago and the countryside surrounding it. On the way down the hill, we will see a series of carved petro glyphs.

See first hand the challenges facing the sustainable preservation of Chuitinamit. Enjoy a conscientious walk through history.

This tour is a good introduction in Maya Arquaeology, for anyone just interested or on their way to Tikal, Copan etc.

Price: $20 per person; $50 minimum. boat included. Please take a hat and bottled water.

The view of Santiago Atitlan and the volcanoes from Chuitinamit.


With three dormant volcanoes and endless hills lining the lake, there is no shortasge of incredible hiking to be had in Atitlan. For many of the longer hikes, a local guide is recommended. We maintain a list of guides that other guests have used successfully in the past. Please inquire with your host, or when booking your reservation.


Whether it is to relieve aching muscles after hiking a volcano or just to supplement a jacuzzi and steam bath, an afternoon massage is frequently a favorite among the many simple luxuries of Santiago.

Our adorable massage cottage is tucked in a quiet corner of the flower gardens, near the bakery and herb garden. Our masseuse and masseur, Juana and Benino, are trained in Swedish and Shiatsu massage, and have years of experience adapting their technique to accommodate both the most delicate or most stubborn muscles. With muted natural lighting, bird song mingling with relaxing melodies in the background, and the scents of garden flowers and macadamia nut massage oil in the fresh mountain air, what better way could there be to spend an afternoon?

A massage session costs $25 (200 Quetzales) and will last an hour

topFitness Center

We have a fitness center with free weights, incline bench and treadmill.

topHorseback Riding

"The best horseback riding I've done in twenty years."

Julie Malmstead - Passport to Adventure
Discovery Channel

"The most elegant horseback riding experience in all Central America ...perhaps the world."

Revue Magazine

For reservations contact your local travel agency or call:

Aventura en Atitlan at San Santiago presents horseback riding and hiking at its very best. A total experience with nature in an unbelievably beautiful environment complete with gourmet meals.