The Posada de Santiago is a unique inn.

One of our guests described the hotel as being, "...the ideal combination of rustic luxury we hoped for." The cozy cottages are created out of volcanic stone and set in large, private, gardens.

You don't have to take our word for it, check any guide book and you will see such descriptions as: "One of the most charming hotels on the lake."

The Lonely Planet.

Where we are

We are located on the southern shore of Lake Atitlán, on the outskirts of the fascinating Tzutujil Maya pueblo of Santiago Atitlán.

Our Restaurant

Enjoy Chapin or Gringo breakfasts and lunches for Q25-70. At dinner, our restaurant serves an international selection of Cajun, Asian and Continental cuisine (or whatever else the chef feels like making that night).

Our restaurant maintains the highest standards: We make all of our own stocks, sauces, breads, pastries and ice cream; chicken, turkey, and, sometimes meat and fish, are wood-smoked on-premise; we grow, process, roast, and grind our own coffee, which is served as freshly brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latté.

We have a full bar and selection of fine wines. Complete dinners are Q60-150. We will send a copy of the menu upon request. With prior notice, we will gladly prepare banquets to your specifications.

The restaurant meal hours are:

  • Breakfast, 7:30 to 10:30; Lunch, 12:00 to 3:00; Dinner, 6:00 to 8:30
  • From 5:30 AM we offer early morning room service for the early-rising caffeine-dependent. Simply place your order the night before you wish to receive it.
Things to do while you're here

If you need a rest, spend the day at the lakeside pool, sauna and hot tub (Learn More) or lie in a hammock and read all day, sipping Cuba Libres; spend hours gazing at the lake and San Pedro Volcano from our rooftop lookout.

For the active traveler:

  • Explore the village of Santiago.
  • Visit the market.
  • Get lost in the winding alleys on your own.
  • Hire the tri-lingual guide, Dolores Ratzan to go with you. Learn More
  • Go tukin’ around on a guided tour with Amanda.
  • Pay homage to Maximon, the smoking and drinking deity.
  • Visit the four hundred and sixty year-old Catholic Church.
  • Paddle one of the canoes out on the lake. Learn More
  • Ride horseback into the cloud forest. Learn More
  • Go birding.
  • Hire a boat and spend a day getting to know the lake and other lakeside villages.
  • Hike to the Mirador and bird sanctuary, climb a volcano with a guide. Learn More
  • Ride a mountain bike.
  • Learn backstrap weaving.
  • Study Spanish.
  • Hang out in our restaurant for cards or board games with other guests; play our piano or guitar.
  • Get an hour long Thai or Deep Tissue Massage for Q200. Learn More

We can make arrangements for tours, lessons, fishing, hiking and horseback rides in advance or when you arrive.

Posada Coffee
On our property we grow about twelve hundred pounds of shade grown, high altitude, organic coffee annually. The tall bushes are covered with orange-scented, white blossoms after the first rains in late April, and are loaded with red berries by November.
Of course everyone thinks that anything they grow tastes better, but in fact there are some differences in our coffee that might explain its exceptional appeal. First, the high altitude, avocado shaded volcanic earth of Atitlan has always been a prized growing place for rich, full-flavored coffee. Second, our coffee trees are frequently supplemented with ample organic composted fertilizer. Perhaps most important, the coffee pickers are paid by the day rather than by the bag, so they have no incentive to pick anything but ripe, red berries.
The harvest is normally from November until February. If it interests you, ask and you can observe or lend a hand to our low tech process of picking, pulping, fermenting, sun drying, raking, husking, and roasting over a wood fire in a hand-cranked tumbler (don't worry- you're welcome to participate just long enough for a photo).The coffee is ground and brewed in the restaurant. We serve brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino, latte, and a Cafe Finquero (cappuccino with rum and cardamom). We reluctantly stock decaf that is imported from Oklahoma. We sell bags of whole bean coffee by the pound.
When our crop has been consumed we roast and serve beans from a local co-operative of organic coffee producers. It is also exceptional.
How to get here (One hint: If you are driving, buy a map.)

The Revue Magazine has a helpful website for travel planning.

  • By Car:
    • From Guatemala City, the quickest route is via The Ruta Pacifica. Take the Autopista from Palin to the Ruta Pacifica, CA 2; turn right at Cocales; go through Patulul; then turn left and drive through San Lucas Tolimán; continue 16 kms and wind through Santiago Atitlán. We're one km from the town center on the road that goes to San Pedro and Chicacao.

      The Pan American Highway is much more scenic. From Antigua you can take highway 14 and arrive via the coast highway or via Patzun.

  • By Shuttle:
    • Go to: They book shuttles and private vans anywhere in Guatemala.

    • Reliable Shuttle Services: These are recommended travel agencies that also offer daily hotel and airport pick-up from Guatemala City, Antigua and Panajachel:

      • Marvelus Tour & Travel Tel 7762-0694 & 5899-9231
      • ViaVenture Tel 7832-2509 & 5778-4801
      • Tourist Service Atitlan Tels 7762-2246 & 7762-2075
      • Atitrans Tels 7832-3371 & 7762-0146 & 7762-0152
    • Eight passenger vans provide taxi service for Q700-800 to or from Antigua; Q800-900 Guatemala City. Smaller taxis and vans for up to four (with little luggage) are Q600 – Q700. Please contact us if you would like to reserve a van.

  • By Boat
    • The most convenient way across the lake from Panajachel is to take an express water taxi directly to our private dock. The going rate (negotiable) is Q225. A less expensive option is to take the public ferry (Q20 per person) from Panajachel to the public dock in Santiago. The ferries depart Panajachel at 5:45, 8:30. 9:30, 10:30 AM; 1, 3, 4:30 PM. There are also “Colectivos,” smaller boats that depart when they fill up.

    • From the Santiago dock, your options are to:
      1. Take a water taxi to our dock (Q25-30).
      2. Hire a dug-out cayuco to paddle you over (Q10-20, depending if you help paddle).
      3. Taxis: Take a motorized tricycle – known as a "tuk-tuk" @ Q5 p/p.
      4. If you travel light, walk the 1½ kilometers to the Posada (ask anyone in the village where we are).
    • Ferries depart Santiago for Panajachel daily at: 6:00, 7:00, & 11:45 am – 12:30, 1:30, 2:00, 3:00, & 4:30 pm.

  • By Plane
    • The only landing strip on Lake Atitlán is about three miles away.


The Posada offers full laundry service that emphasizes responsibly ecological stewardship without sacrificing comfort. Our 'Lavanderia,' or washing room, houses multiple industrial washing machines and driers, as well as a large outdoor solar drying court.

Full laundry service is available to our guests - simply mention that you are interested in using the service, and it will be completely taken care of by our helpful staff. Your freshly clean and crisply folded laundry will be returned to you on the following morning.

The Lavanderia, used for all of the Posada's needs, emphasizes minimum impact strategies. On sunny days we take advantage of highland winds and tropical sunshine to dry fabrics without wasting electricity: the industrial dryers act as a backup for rainy days.

Our washing machines do not pollute the lake, but rather release their grey water into a leach field, where it eventually reaches the roots of the many trees on our property.

To take advantage of the laundry service, please inform your helpful maid, waiter, or host. Any special treatment of fabrics should be clearly conveyed, as not all members of our staff are able to read English wash instructions on clothing.

We now have three banks and three ATM's.
Internet Service

(DSL) – One half hour use of one of our three computers is included daily.

  • Free wireless in the lodge.
  • Fax is available.
Do you need to stay in touch?

Our rooms do not have phones, but you can borrow a cell phone to use during your stay. You are charged only for the air time you consume. Telephone calls are Q2 per minute for Guatemala, USA & Canada.

Contact Information
  1. Go to the Contact Us page.
  2. E-mail us:
  3. Call us:
    • Reception: ++502 7721 7366 From the US and Canada dial: 011 502 7721 7366
    • Fax: ++502 7721-7365
    • Pool side cell: ++502 5784-9111

From outside Guatemala, first dial your countrie’s Int'l Access Code (From the USA & Canada it is 011), then Guatemala’s country code, (502), then the number.